A Lifetime of Community Service…

I am blessed.  My grandparents and parents gave me the gift of community service.  From an early age, they taught me and my brother Peter, that being involved, fighting for change, and giving back to the community is the essence of citizenship.  I can still hear my father’s voice at the dinner table, “Peter and Nicole, never pass on an opportunity to contribute.  My mom would add, “Be respectful, kind, and never back down.”  My commitment to service is based on the belief that we owe a debt to our past and an obligation to our future. That is why I am running for Congress.  My lifetime of serving the community and the Valley will continue as your representative.   

A Lifetime of Community Service…

(Partial Listing)


  • Eissler Elementary School 6th Grade President
  • Juliet Thorner Award Winner
  • Highland High School, ASB Vice President
  • Highland High School, ASB President
  • Highland High School LASS
  • Jesse Jackson, Kern County High School Campaign Manager


  • Voter Registration work for local campaigns
  • Berkeley Youth Alternative Mentor
  • Raza Recruitment Center- U.C. Berkeley/Berkeley High School mentor program
  • Participated in student protest to name study center after Cesar Chavez
  • Advocated for the American culture requirement before graduation to study history of other cultures
  • Advocated for tenure for more diverse professors

Post College

  • Participated in 1994 Bakersfield March against California Proposition 187
  • Ayuda Mentor, Washington D.C.
  • 1998-1999 Puente Mentor, College of Sequoias, Tulare
  • Founding Board Member, Latina Leaders of Kern County
  • Hispanics Organized for Political Equality, 1999 Leadership Class
  • U.C. Berkeley Alumni Scholarship Committee for the Central Valley Assembly
  • Mark Bingham Award for Excellence in Achievement by Young Alumni
  • Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
  • 2004 Legislator of the Year Award by the Sexual Assault Investigators Association
  • 2005 Legislator of the Year by Crime Victims United
  • 2003 Legislator of the Year by the California Main Street Alliance and California Downtown Associations
  • California Community Action Partnership honored Parra for her efforts to eliminate poverty in the Central Valley
  • California Community Action Partnership honored Parra for 
  • her efforts secure safe drinking water arranging a safe drinking water supply for Alpaugh
  • Recipient of the California National Guard’s highest honor for a civilian, the Order of California Public Service Award
  • 2003 Legislator of the Year, The California Association of County Veteran Service Officers
  • California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Alliance Freedom Fighter Award for support of disabled veterans
  • 2005 Friend of Nursing Award
  • 2005 James Gilstar Legislator of the Year Award for her work fostering a greater understanding between government and the petroleum industry

Post Assembly

  • Fmr. Board of Directors, Fresno Community Food Bank
  • Fmr. Board of Directors, Self-Help Enterprises Tulare County, a non-profit Housing and Community Development Organization in the Central Valley
  • Fmr. Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Government Relations Committee Member
  • Fmr. Executive Administrator, PARRA FOUNDATION, a foundation to help children in the Central Valley
  • Fmr. Committee Member, Advance Center for Visually Impaired in Kern County
  • Fmr. Committee Member, Stop the Violence, Kern County
  • Fmr. Pro Bono Consultant for Southeast Bakersfield Chess program
  • Volunteer Operation Gobble with Kings County Supervisor Valle-delivered food and hats (I personally crochet) for families in East Bakersfield
  • Donated and raised money for children at the Pete H. Parra Child Care Center for books and gifts during the holiday season
  • 2019 Women with Wisdom and Influence by Women in Energy (WSPA)
  • 2020 Capitol Latino Staff Association Foundation Champion Award Recipient
  • 2020 elected to the Board of Directors, Women in California Politics Foundation